The weather warmed up the past couple days and we have to attribute it to the track were writing about now. Ohio has felt a little warmer thanks to a little California production, from WTV fam member Rossy. Her latest release ‘flowers’ is a full-bodied track that delivers this soft symphony for the soul. The track is heart-filling and really bleeds passion- both from Rossy and subsequently from the listener. 

Rossy’s tracks always feel so filling and engaging, because they are constantly infused with pieces of her. Her emotions and mind are always at the root of her tracks, and on ‘flowers’ she centers her voice as well. Production and lyrical/vocal work on the track is all hers; furthering the depth she can add to the track, by giving her control over every aspect. She is able to muster up this undeniably magical and prophetic vibe. The whole track is a wonderful and whimsical vision. It has this incomprehensible beauty that resonates in the heart. You feel your soul refuel and warm tears gather in your eyes. The track is distant and intangible, yet almost hauntingly heartfelt. Her gentle approach to the track is what ushers in that moving tone, and makes even the drop so smooth and silky. Rossy crafting of ‘flowers’ coins the vibecabulary term ‘crystal fall’:

A track that throws your balance off and ushers in this hazy trance- where everyone sees something different. Like being caught inside the vision of your own crystal ball.

This song is something so pure and yet possess so much depth. ‘flowers’ grows thought, emotion, and most of all an appreciation for the artist. Rossy continually brings herself into her production It becomes so clear why we love her so much with each piece of herself she presents, with these tracks.

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