For many of us, tomorrow is our Friday- getting the joy of an extended holiday weekend. We go to bed tonight with dreams of grandeur, which we look to make reality once we clock out tomorrow. Remembering what weekends have been like, knowing what plans we have and bathing in the countless directions our decisions may take us. In the background, the new SEGØ remix of ‘Gold’. His latest release is that tracking of the layered brainwaves we have prepping this weekend. 

SEGØ brings his carefree vibe to everything he touches. He is crafting this brand of exquisite happiness, that invites every listener to enjoy the moment he is creating. On this ‘Gold’ remix, he is taking something we all love dearly and just playing out that narrative. He echoes lyrics and layers them over top one another. He plays out the layered exposure the word ‘weekend’ has in our minds. He brings that lazy feel, that carefree feel, that energetic feel, and most importantly that warm feel of the weekend. No matter what you do, have done, or are going to do on your weekends, SEGØ makes ‘Gold’ an anthem suitable for any of them. He made a WTV Dictionary coined hammocked harmony:

A track that takes all your cares away and puts you in a happy place. Hammocks are pretty synonymous with relaxation and vacationing- which these sorts of tracks bury in our minds.

A laid back man making laid back beats to lay everyone back, for some deserved R&R. SEGØ really moves ‘Gold’ into something that is so smooth and silky, and relate-able to every listener. Crazy to see him use another artist’s idea and really transform it to become even more applicable to every listener. Not only relate-able but really smoothly enjoyable.

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