Hello, fans and fam. 

After a long hiatus of holidays and readjustment, we are issuing a long overdue post. Over the past couple of months, we have taken a step back from Where’s The Vibe. We miss our family and fans so very much, but we had to do some things that were right for us as individuals. From the achievement of both landing full-time jobs to travel for the holiday season, we have had a lot on our plates and minds. We want to apologize for leaving many of you out to dry with content, and not covering everything that has come out from our family. 

With the change of pace, we have decided to tone back the content amount, for now.  Where’s The Vibe is our baby and we want it to grow into a career- but we can’t make it happen overnight. We were growing very fast and keeping up when we had more time, but things have changed. So we are just changing with them. We are aiming to develop our brand at a new pace, which fits our new lifestyle. 

So in short, we are back in the saddle. We are thriving individually, and we look to carry the self-care and improvement we have seen back into our passion for this website and company. Be excited because the content is on its way and so many new ideas. We are so happy to be back and “getting after it” once again.

Until next time


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