Our first show covered in a minute was quite the night. Last week we took to one of our favorite venues to shoot and cover Prime Social Group’s presentation of Tchami. This is a show that we were so excited to experience, for so many reasons. First, being back in the Bluestone. Second, seeing a must-see artist early on his new tour. Thirdly, having the privilege of shooting the even thanks to PSG. And lastly, getting back into the saddle of mid-week shows. How it all stacked up is what we bring to you today.


The Bluestone is one of the highlights of the Columbus scene. An old church repurposed to hold amazing artists is just something that is so unique and so fun. The aesthetic of the venue is so big. In stature, it has that open feel because of the vaulted ceilings and the simple tiered viewing experience. From the bottom floor to the VIP upper mezzanine, the venue gives a great listening and viewing experience from any angle. The church and universal center stage are always such a great opportunity for any artist, but especially for the house apostle Tchami. This venue is so clean and functional. It never overcrowds and always delivers on every aspect the fans of Columbus (or any other city) are looking for. 


The lineup for this show bounced around a little, but the subtle volley between styles was not anything to ruin the night. If anything it came off as a little strange, but also gave a little variety. The genre pivots just acted as a pallet cleanser.

Starting the night was a WTV duo that never disappoint: Fear & Lowe. Although we caught only the tail end, the two gave that great house energy that is crafted with cleanliness and bounciness. The two always have a great time and assure their listeners join in on the fun.

The bounce from the house genre came in the second slot with 13. This is an artist that was not on our radar, but we made sure to put on after. We saw the many strides to success he is making when looking him up, and then saw why when getting into his set. Although the set was far from house, his style was something really cool. A lot of bass being brought through trap, low BPM, and dubstep knit together this really rich low-end experience. Although his place in the night seemed a bit confusing, his growing presence in the scene was clearly earned. 

The main event begins as an altar was revealed in the center of the stage. Tchami came to the stage after his team fiddled with the set-up for a minute, to make sure the show went forward flawlessly. It moved forward into the set, and Tchami really brought out the best of himself. After formerly seeing him, he really stepped it up from our first encounter. He had such great energy that permeated into every aspect of the set. His visuals were so unique, as they used a double LED overlay. His sound was an awesome balance of pace and house variety. Every slow down rose into high energy moments and tracks all of which had the crowd vibing through their Thursday night. Tchami embodied his reputation and filled the church with the hefty sermon that is the Elevated Tour.

Done Wells & Needs Work

The cohesion of Tchami’s set was undoubtedly the highest point of the night. The altar in the Bluestone worked hand-in-hand to sell the Tchami brand and enhance his aesthetic. The crowd was eating up every moment of the literal Bluestone church and the one that Tchami’s team looks to develop in every venue of the tour. Beyond just the altar stage, the lighting and smoke were just creamy and synthesized so well into the music and vibe of Tchami.

The only improvements needing to be made were conscious decisions to enhance the tour. First of those was just the set-up time. Tchami’s team wanted to assure the tour kicked off to a strong start, and brought the best show to Columbus. This lead to about a half-hour break before the headliner came on. In hindsight, we saw all the work was necessary for the show. However, in the moment, we were getting impatient to see Tchami come on. The variation of genre is always desired as well, to give a little contrast through the show, but felt a little odd for this concert. Fear & Lowe to 13 then Tchami was just an unexpected path to the night and could be improved, but then again without it we would never have been exposed to a new artist.

It feels so good to be back in the night air for shows that we are so excited about. So thank you to Prime Social Group for organizing the night, and giving us the push to get out to cover it. The shots we got and the experience that came along with is always priceless. Thank you to the PSG team for making the night happen, as well as the artists for coming out and bringing the tunes to the family of Columbus EDM.

Until next time.


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