A little more than a week off of our last Orenda post, but we are still delivering. The breakthrough EP that we brought to your attention is getting the WTV loving that it deserves. Bringing back our first music review in ages, with a little twist. Not only are we bringing you the WTV breakdown of the testament to talent that is Reverie EP, but we also are serving it with all of the in-the-making details, from Orenda. All of this information, and the biographical timeline from the last post, was given to us in the time we had on the phone with Orenda. So we again wany to thank Kaelyn and Trevor for manufacturing the time and energy to make the interview possible. We look to match that work, as we bring the whole album back to you!

Orenda wastes no time bringing us the EP’s title track and introduces it to us first. Reverie, as a track and an EP, looks to embody the true meaning of the word. Orenda is meticulous when it comes to track titles and their role in matching the track, so when it comes to the title track this one had to be a home run. Reverie is existing in a dream-like state or daydream. When one loses themselves in the mind, they embody reverie. We, of course, go to see this through the EP, but begin the experience in this title track. The track opens with an illustrious soulful step into the music. You feel yourself take a step away from the present and lift into your own mind amongst what is tangible. The track uses a wavy bass line to cushion your mind from reality. As that barrier builds and before you are fully in your own head, we hear the popping high-end cut through. It is the explosions of what is going on around you piercing into your dream and shaping it. Bringing the echoes and pulse of life into your mind. It opens the EP by using bass to build shelter from reality; creating an environment of heightened imagination.

Immersed in the mind, we listeners break into the first story our brains venture on. Mystic Descent is the exposure to the vast space we can create. The soft rise into a boisterous whimsical expansion lifts us to the border of the atmosphere of our minds. Floating at such a high altitude that the clouds act as canvases for the sun to paint on. This emotion was developed by Equnimous in his track Mystic Rising, which Orenda reworked into Mystic Decent. Not only are the initial lift and track skeleton attributed to Equnimous, but all of the guitar and vocals are as well. Equnimous creates Icarus in the listener, as we feel this track is built with such strong top-end. There is heavenly light that calls the to us and sets our sites on the sun. As we rise to the warm golden light of the sun, Orenda drops an anchor with the bass introduction. Strength builds, in the bass line, and we feel that same upward pursuit while finding a subtle and continuous drop in altitude. As bass continues to heavy the anchor, we drop past the golden canvas of the clouds. Orenda drives us down into this sacred equilibrium of lift and drop. We look upward, yet move nowhere. We exist to settle in the overcast beauty of the mind. This balance has made the track a huge hit and prized gem for Orenda, on the EP.

With two tracks behind us, we look to the future to find Numinous. Orenda names this track to literally take on the phenomenon of looking to the future, with fear and excitement. As the halfway point through the EP, this is such a fitting title and time for this tack. The song builds excitement and comfort with the cyclical tone pattern that crescendos as we approach the drop. That crescendo illustrates the look to the future the track is named for. Unable to stop time from lapsing, we are rushed into arguably the filthiest drop of the EP. Numinous takes and presses us into this energetic wonky bass wonderland. It is the first time we see the really dubby side of Orenda, and we EAT IT UP. It is so unexpected and yet so welcome. So when the tone cycle that brought it about initially reappears, we again look forward with excitement and anxiety to see if the next drop will deliver the same punch. It without a doubt does exactly that. Orenda told us he looked to GREX and Peek-A-Boo for inspiration in making this track, and he utilizes his knowledge of their music flawlessly. His track pushes the inspiration through his own artistic stencil, to create this newly made shape of sound.

From the dark and heavy drops of Numinous, we enter into Marmoris in the dead of night. The track title is defined as the shining surface of the ocean in the night. So it is no surprise that we open with the fluid sounds of water. Peacefully the gentle rhythm of waves subtly moves the mind to the sweet siren calls of the deep dark ocean. The lights of the night reflecting off the ocean are made into sound with the top-end of the track, laid out on the developing bass. As we delve further into the beauty of the night chasing the sea sirens calls, we seem to lose sight of the shore. We tread further and further from the safety of the shore into the unknown depths of the water. The building bass develops the danger below, which we seem to ignore because of what we see and hear above the surface. The calm waters grow deeper and more dangerous, but we move forward possessed by the beauty of the surface. Continually chasing beauty among the deep darkness of the sea. Marmoris leaves our swimming silohette painted on the horizon and diminishing into the dark fold between the sky and the water.

The fifth track really solidifies the production trend of Orenda. Here on the EP, we come to expect and crave the lifting opening. Fracture brings the spirit-filled ascension to be met by the bassy balls of the track. This track is so dynamic to the listener, and that is fully due to the pain that it was to create. Orenda produced this song by “frankensteining” a bunch of half-baked ideas he was sitting on. His initial thought to combine all of this together went from a great idea to a pain in the ass. So much so that he attributes it to be his least favorite track, because of the PTSD of mashing so many different dishes into a blender. His nightmare creation story does not translate to us as the listener. The track does feel like a lot of different stories, but they come together so well. The track puts us in the shoes of Dorthy in the Wizard of Oz. We get swooped up into the tornado of Fracture and experience the whirlwind of material peering through a thin windowpane. The bass rattles the glass but never really get through, while the high end sounds almost seem to come into the spinning house. There is so much going and yet it all flows and works together in this dark wind tunnel. Fracture gets its name from all the broken thoughts mosaiced into one solid work, and solid it is.

Maybe not intentional, but much like Fracture, You Know inspires images of weather in our eyes. The chittering intro pushes rain-filled clouds over a calm city. The mix of the natural with the manufactured is a testament to the crazy production story Orenda keyed us into: a majority of the sounds on the track are all ripped from vocals. Orenda gets truly experimental with You Know by bending and warping the organic voice into inorganic sound. Mixing this with the strong percussion and exceptional sound voiding, we get this stunning experience. Orenda takes and breaks the early beats of the track to steal back what he just gave your ear. Like a storm sucking the warm are out of your lungs, and replacing it with crisp air before the rain. The pieces of your breathe that the storm steals build and become the warm drops of rain that begin to fall. As the track breaks down, you really embody those drops falling down onto the city. The percussion then bounces you off of awnings and rooftops and umbrellas making this interrupted and unpredictable decent. You really feel that shapeless and unplanned journey through the tracks uses of drums, which ultimately lead you to become part of the calm puddles of the pavement.

Closing out the Reverie EP, Orenda features another collaboration track. Gayatri is a track that Orenda was commissioned to by a fellow artist, DTO. DTO was looking to get a new angle on his track Gayatri Transformation. Artistically, DTO is very trancey and meditative, which was a little intimidating to Orenda when first reimagining the track. The track that Orenda initially presented back to DTO was his imitation of the DTO style. That track is not what became Gayatri though because DTO wanted more Orenda. DTO came to Orenda to give a new life and a different spin to his original track, and what he desired was released as a remix before the EP. Now featured on the Reverie EP, is the further reimagination (a “VIP) of the original Orenda remix. The Gayatri, of Reverie EPI, takes and gives the listener this amazing double-sided acid trip in the desert. Opening with the smooth and wavy Arabian sounds of the east, breezily heighten the experience of exploring the desert sands. The first half is this twilight wandering through cascading hills of sand, where the listener is lost in the openness of infinite glistening grains of sand and colorful arid winds. Night begins to fall over the exploration as the Orenda bass cascades over the second half of the track. The lower end moves the vibe from exploration to worry-less survival. There is a looming shadow of the unknown in our minds; a show which cannot drive out the wonderful findings of our initial inspection. 

The whole Reverie EP is a project of massive collaboration, inspiration, and utilization. Orenda really develops a staple sound that is sturdy and solid, which allowed/will continue to allow him to bring so much variation to his tracks. There is such cohesion in production, story, vision, and dare we say vibe to this EP. Orenda attributes so much of this EP’s success to inspiration from other artists, but in reality, we see it as his amazing ability to take every aspect of himself, in the EDM community, and intelligently display that to his listener. His concrete understanding of design, himself, and the music he wants to hear and make forge a musical portfolio that can see any two works connected. Reverie EP is such an inspiring work of art: from listening experience to creation saga. We are overjoyed to have come in contact with Trevor’s music and story. This write up has been such a great experience, and it is all thanks to the work that has gone into making Orenda. Congratulations to Trevor and the Gravitas label on the Reverie EP release; we are incredibly impressed and look forward to tracking the rest of this journey, as it is written.

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