With most of us stuck at home, there is a huge turn to music to make the warming weather more like it does every other year. An artist that has really brought that forward is our own AJ Salvatore. The gifted good-vibe creator brought forward his debut EP Daydreams & Nightmares. The EP features so many familiar AJ Salvator singles, and most excitingly new music. One of the new pieces grabs our focus today: Malibu. 

This track is a testament to working for the right sound, by AJ Salvator. For two years, this track was searching for the perfect vocals, until finally landing on honeyfreckle. It seems funny listening now because the production almost feels it was done with honeyfreckle in mind. The track is altogether very colorful. We get this very vibrant and wonderful vision brought by cascading high-end. The track has that 80’s neon influence but feels very wholesome like the muted colors of a Malibu sunset. ‘Malibu’ is such an easy listen and just is a breathe of shoreline air, to our noses trapped in the house. The track breaks down into this simple pop-infused track that really warms the hear, and extends the artistic vision held on Daydreams & Nightmares.

AJ Salvatore and honeyfreckle really bring an absolute note of carefree happiness to the listeners with this track; and furthermore, bring another strong angle to the Salvatore debut EP. All seven songs bring different sounds to the listener, which we need now more than ever. We are excited to continue to see more music from AJ, and are ecstatic to have such a dynamic first compilation with Daydreams & Nightmares. If you have not already heard the whole EP, be sure to ‘Malibu’ hook you into the rest of the AJ Salvatore portfolio.

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