We have seen plenty of remixes on our page, but we believe this is our first flip. Coming from the west-coast artist, Kilo Hawke, we get our first rework of a super popular hip-hop track. Roddy Ricch’s, ‘The Box’, has seemed to find its way everywhere lately. Luckily one of those places it shimmied into was Kilo Hawke’s creative space. Because of that, we get this heavy trap-bass flip from Kilo.

Trap and rap go hand-in-hand, but they are usually produced together. Yet on this track, we see the opposite. A rap track is taken and shadowed with bass and electronic production. What seems even more unique on this flip, by Kilo Hawke, is the lyrical basis. Of course, that is most times the root of rap tracks, but this flip actually uses Roddy Ricch’s lyrical flow as the skeleton of the new track. Everything that Kilo Hawke makes is on top of the lyrics. The speech has a rhythm that is audible without the company of the original production. That attribute is what allows Kilo to really take ‘The Box’ and really transform it. We get drawn in by the familiar tune, and then are taken through this wild rework, that hits so hard. There is this very cool hazy feeling to the production’s mastery, where the percussion pops and the new track lays a fog over the lyrics. The first drop is chilling and a top highlight to take away from the track. Seeing Roddy Ricch’s track shoved through the lense of Kilo Hawke production is something we are beyond pleased to have in our ears. The song brings something new to the table, pays homage to an originally loved track, and yet again shows Kilo Hawke’s creativity spectrum.

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