Just about two weeks ago, European WTV fam Eric Ananda dropped his first single of 2020. His newest addition, entitle ‘Alive (Pure)’, is a track sure to please the bass listener. It gives subtlety and intensity; all wrapped up in clean and uncluttered production. The track chooses to take a lyric-less route, which really allows it to just focus Eric’s production talents. 

‘Alive (Pure)’ opens with a sharp breath of bass. The quick fluid rise amplifies the succeeding bass hit and establishes the guiding rhythm of the track. As the track continues, we see the track form itself. The introduction of the kick and snare lines really creates the heart of the track, which then becomes massively dynamic. The initial identifying moments of the track then halt with a solo chord line and then drop us into the grit. Drop one is the intensified version of the hook of the track, and get moving quickly. We see this epic and massive rework of the track’s lo-fi vibe. Bass is everything when it comes to the hype of this track. Lulling back down into the open valley of the hook, we prepare for the second drop to match the height we reach on the first. We are lucky enough to be taken there, and then some. ‘Alive (Pure)’ hits the second drop with this sneaky ripper. We get that same full bass from the first drop, with these wild effects that amplify the intensity. Eric Ananda uses ripping and skipping sound samples to take the track from epic to demonic. This dip into dub-like darkness recesses into the track’s fundamental line. From the second drop, the hook feels more mystical, and dare we say “pure”. The hook line does not take the song out, however. We are blessed enough to hit a third drop with this track, and it rounds the track off by seemingly finding the middle ground between the first and second drops. It has the hint of the higher intensity of drop two while remaining within the oracle-esque soundscape the song seems to develop. 

Eric Ananda really is able to construct a track that audibly demonstrates the creative process of its production. A level of layering is used that keeps the listener keyed in, while also allowing them to be surprised. ‘Alive (Pure)’ is cleanly carried out, and provides a unique ambient bass listen with the perfect amount of edge. We really vibed with this track, especially with the quarantine circumstances, because it is really developed casual listen that also delivers a beyond bassline and couch-comfortable level of intensity. 

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