Maderra duo back in the mix, with a hot new release. The two break their third track of the year out, and it is sure to deliver a healthy heap of the Maderra sound. ‘Gravity (VIP Remix)’ is a sculpted vocal piece that brings one of the first tastes of the summer we have been oh-so hungry for. This track is a set closer, a vibe booster, and a little cloud chaser. For a track titled “Gravity”, you will see that it is hard to bring yourself down after the listen.

Weight is nowhere to be found as the single opens up. That butterflying flutter of chimes lays down these unburdened steps on unsullied grounds. We feel the weight of our bodies settle on the ground on the first low-end hit. Our exploration unfolds with the lyrical work of Mr. Writ3. Thank goodness our duo found this vocalist because, at the cost of a cheesy pun, he was mister right for this track. His voice bleeds smooth R&B and demonstrates control and punctuality. We see the sound of the voice parallel to the soundscape of the track, which provides unbelievable cohesion; the match-up allows us to get fully immersed into the track. Even further, Mr. Writ3 has unbelievable control of his voice. His ability to hit every note with precision is a marvel in itself- stacked up on the Maderra production everything is laser cut and so clean. Bringing the production into the conversation, the two Cleveland boys absolutely saturate our minds with expansive sound. The future bass sound makes ‘Gravity’ catchy and room shattering. This song opens up your chest and gives that really clean breathe that we love to see with lifting tracks, like this one. Diversifying the high-altitude, we get the awesome gravitational-like pull at the second verse. The lowest point in energy and sound falls pairs up with lyrics that match the “pull-down”. It continuously moves and blows energy all in the faces of the listeners.

Maderra and Mr. Writ3 pair up to make a future bass track that has us craving the wild energy of festival season. ‘Gravity (VIP Remix)’ is an electronic love ballad that has heart, while still embodying a fast-paced electric track. 

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