We have a double post coming in hot! Both of them to do with a new artist to WTV. It comes just in time to really bring to light an amazing track and artist- hot on the heels of his latest track released TODAY. Before we get into it with Gl0bal, we bring to you our first taste and maybe your first time hearing his tunes.

Released last month on Circus Records, is Gl0bal’s ‘WYN’. The artist, who we will be introducing to you later today, broke into our ears with this mystical mayhem. ‘WYN’, standing for “watch your neck”, is a creepy balance of dust settling and being rapidly stirred back up. The listen brings forth this battle with dynamic evil that is so epic. Our anxiety is built as the track opens up this super ominous space. The initial metal-to-stone grinding and the deep laugh unsettle the prophetic string/wind line. Like we mentioned initially, the track has this valley of calm that seems to make clear the peaking danger around. Beginning to press the springs that soon will expand and press us into the danger we have been feeling since the initial morsels of sound the track delivered. As the bass drops, we can’t help but envision this dirty dance with the dangerous. This track makes bass music an anime/Mortal Kombat battle scene. Gl0bal provides really jarring and huge bass hits, continues creepy with the baby laughter, paces the pressure with a quick rhythm line, and sets the scene with the “breaking necks” vocal. When round one is complete, the stage is reset and we go back into the calm-into-battle cycle once again. The second build and drop bring an adjusted focus to the speed and metal natures, which exist in the track. Drop two gives a rapid feel to the same bass, while also really selling the high horn to the ear. Gl0bal really crafts a unique “wubbage” that billows and bounces bass out the speakers. All of it settles back down into an uncleaned calm that served as the ground-zero for the track.

‘WYN’ is a crazy initial experience with Gl0bal. The track has for sure set a tone and intrigued us. There is such a broad spectrum of sounds used on the track, and yet they come together to paint a really sick picture. To be introduced to the sound was a privilege, so getting into the mind of the artist was just the icing on top. As we bring that to you in our next post, also keep in mind there is a cherry on top too: Gl0bal’s ‘Believe’ dropped today. As you continue to dig into the Gl0bal portfolio, be sure to check out the WTV interview where we bring you the man behind it all. 

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