This is a center for every vibe-cabulary word that has made an appearance on our page. These are WTV crafted words that look to describe the amazing phenomenon of music and experiencing it. Please feel free to clarify meaning, explore to expand your vocabulary, or just take a journey down memory lane. Much love. -Austin & Tanner





dancetopic (dans-toh-pik) : adj.

  1. describes songs that bring the listener to a future that feels unsafe/unwelcoming, but we are all okay with it because we are slaves to the music

double Kool-Aid pour (dub-ul-kul-ayed-por) : n.

  1. when an artist (on stage, in a song, or on an album) busts in with something amazing (like the Kool-Aid man) and then allows you to think that was the only time it would happen when in actuality it will be brought back again later, and possibly even harder

double-stuffed collab (dub-ul-stuf-d-co-lab) : n.

  1. a collaboration in which two artists showcase themselves and   perfectly, through the use of their own sound, showcase the other artist: the perfect balance (like the double-stuffed Oreo)






inverted-lemon (in-vurt-ed-lem-on) : n.

  1. a condition caused by astoundingly bass-heavy and energy-ridden music, where the regular bass face becomes more severe. there are two variants seen regularly (1) the face actually begins to tighten and get sucked into the mouth (2) the bass face begins to pull so hard that the mouth opens to reveal a tooth-cracking clench in the mouth

itcher (ich-er) : n.

  1. a song that gets the listener hooked on the rhythm and then cuts it at some point in the song, leaving the user helplessly craving the feeling the rhythm supplied




lustful-blindfold (luhst-fuhl-blahynd-fohld) : n.

  1. a song that steals the heart from your chest and leads you where it wants; at the songs end you are left dazed and unsure of what just happened, but also left with urge to give your heart back, to experience chasing it down again


meteor showering (meat-ee-or-sh-ow-er-ing) : v.

  1. the act of raining turmoil on the people of earth with the heaviest of music, then, after that destroying of everything we once knew, leaving us with the smoking ashes of what once was
    deriving from the action the meteor took when wiping dinosaurs off the Earth.



Pringle can open (puh-ring-gul-kan-oh-pen) : n.

  1. the art of slowly introducing pieces of a song to get the audience hungry to chow down.
    derived from the experience of opening a Pringles can. the music has the following Pringle-stages:
    • the lid (the commitment to Pringles), the seel-peel (introducing the smell), the first chip (that amazing first taste), and the rest of your eating (it gets better with every bite, and is hard to put down).



remover (ree-moo-vur) : n.

  1. a song that takes you away from your thoughts or takes your thoughts away from you
  2. a song that is so good that it commands your full headspace to take in

reverse exhaustion (ree-vurs-eggs-aws-shun) : n.

  1. a moment of, either personal or group, listening when you actually feel the call to dance and the energy to do it comes from the song- no matter your level of exhaustion


snake spine (snayk-speyen) : n.

  1. a condition caused by a great grouping/contrast in sound that creates a chill so strong, that you must actually shake it out of your vertebrae
  2. a condition caused by that amazingly satisfying pee you were holding for a while, you again shake the satisfaction out with the stream

solitary window (sahl-ih-tear-ee win-d-oh) : n.

  1. sound that is defined by a dark nature, but has little hallucination-like dreams of light warming our skin ::
    derived from the emotion a prisoner in solitary confinement feels when seeing the light of the singular window in the ceiling.


tab track (tab-trak) : n.

  1. a song that takes you on an absolute trip, without any substance;
  2. a song that if you listen to with your eyes closed, then you have to convince yourself you are sober when you open them back up



Van Goghing (van-go-ing) : v.

  1. the action an artist takes in production to perfectly capture, with their unique sound, the emotion felt by the vision of a scene that cannot be perfectly put into words like::
    derived from the artistic representations of Vincent Van Gogh in his paintings


willow (wil-oh) : v.

  1. letting emotional music take over your body and just gently move your body like a willow tree in the wind
  2. rooting your head in the rhythm, but moving your body with the feeling created