WTV fam member, formerly known as Sego Genesis, releases under his new solo project SEGØ. ‘Lonely In LA’ is a fluid vocal track that adds strong vibey melodies to build upon silky smooth female vocals. The summer release is definitely a track from the shade, cooling listeners with the soft mellow energy and heartbroken vocals. SEGØ brings a piece for the sad boi summer while bringing a production line that has comforting uplifting energy.

‘Lonely in LA’ chooses a soft female voice to introduce the track and bring the narrative to the track. Using a very acoustic start distinguishes not only the vocal melody to the forefront, but assures the listener knows the lyrics need to be heard. It is from their blue tone that the rest of the track is painted. SEGØ executes vocal melding so well that his production, even in the absence of the vocalist’s voice, feels lyrical. ‘Lonely In LA’ shows the power of productional reservations in conveying emotion. The song is well rounded and blooms uniformly from the roots the vocal has grown. SEGØ creates this beautiful sound that the WTV Dictionary knows as a blankie bop:

Tracks that may differ in the pattern or feel but bring comfort and safety that is paralleled with your favorite blanket- no matter your mood your blankie will always cater to your mood

SEGØ is making strong strides in defining this very vocal production pivot. ‘Lonely In LA’ is another stride in a very stunning direction. The track radiates delicate composition and thoughtful production. There is such sincerity in his commitment to crafting music that inspires empathy and adoption of the emotion his vocalists create. We are excited to see what he has us feeling next.

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